Corinne Saad , Director, C5: There might be an initiative that we’re working on that one of the partners is not directly involved in. They don’t have staff, they don’t have funding attached to that initiative. But, we still need the wisdom that that Executive Director, their managers, and their staff will bring to the table. And so moving it forward because of that wisdom and experience that they bring, although they might not have a direct role in it. And that’s taken time to evolve that kind of trust between the partners that it’s the conversation we have all the time: it’s about equity vs equitable. And really making it clear not just among the Executive Directors but among the staff as well that just because you’re not producing the dollars or committing the staff to something doesn’t mean that you’re not a valued partner it in. You absolutely are. And with the understanding that you might not be contributing the dollars today because it doesn’t fit with your budgetary restraints or your mandate, in a year’s time that may change and there’s the flexibility for you to come on board at that point.