Gemma Dunn, Director of Programs and Initiatives, ECVO: I think one of the things I thought about in the very early days was that they hadn’t decided where they were going to work. They hadn’t landed on housing and transportation as their key primary focus areas. So I wondered if it was just talking for the sake of talking. Nothing was going to be different, nothing was going to change. But we saw very quickly that those relationships they were building was the most important thing they could have done. It would have been very easy for them to just get tired of that. Knowing the people that are involved in C5, they’re not people who talk for the sake of talking. So it was like, “Hm. Are they going to get bored, is somebody going to fall off?” There were very different levels of experience at the Executive Director level as well and you just wondered whether that would become a barrier, but I think what they did really well was build those relationships. They have been key in having such a successful collaborative.