Corinne Saad , Director, C5: I think each of the EDs (Executive Directors) comes to the table looking to serve marginalized children and families better and their conversations are very much about that. So what we found when the conversations get really difficult, it’s often because they’re coming with their own organizational language and organizational culture. I mean I can think of one conversation in particular it went on for a couple of hours and it was quite difficult but eventually we figured out actually we were talking about the same thing, we were just using different language. So it’s really establishing that common language as well. And we won’t ever get to a C5 Language as opposed to a Norwood Language or a Boyle Language, but it’s recognizing that we are doing the same things. We’re invested in the same outcome. They work tirelessly for marginalized Edmontonians and that’s what really brings them together and unifies them in their absolute focus, laser focus, on that.