Corinne Saad , Director, C5: So we have a Terms of Reference, which essentially outlines the principles that we use when we work together. In terms of budget, we decide that on a case by case basis. So for instance if you take our Northeast Hub right now, there are programs within that Hub that specific agencies are funding. The community flex space and the community kitchen that we’re creating, each of the agencies has a stake in, the funding is divided by five. So that’s an example. But because we’re not, C5 is not a legal entity, it’s an informal collaborative in some senses of the word. So when we’re applying for funding, one of the agencies becomes the lead Fiscal Agent for that and manages the funding around that. I think as we develop there’ll be some of those formalities that need to be put in place. That’s just where we are right now, but recognizing that we need to be constantly vigilant for “Is this still working?” or do we actually need to be a formal arrangement.